Duda-Lang Farms was started in 2004 by Tony Lang
and his wife Sue.  Since then they have built a 32' x
24' greenhouse.   The
greenhouse holds their
aquaponics farming system.
The greenhouse holds over 2,000
tilapia as well as
many plants. The fish supply nutrients and water to
the plants through an aquaponics system.  
The greenhouse has 4 large beds of tomato plants that
currently average around 10 lbs of tomatoes per day.  
Tomatoes sell for $2 per pound.
The fresh tilapia range in size from babies to 1.5-2 lbs.
 The fish are grown in the greenhouse from eggs to full
grown.  Fish are available to eat as well as to raise.  
Tilapia sell for about $5 per 1.5-2 lb fish, but may
differ depending on the order.
Outside of the greenhouse the farm is also home to
around 60 free range chickens producing around 30
eggs per day.  Fresh eggs are available by order for
$2.00 per dozen.

Tours of the farm are available by appointment only.  
contact us for any additional information
including shipping costs.
How it all began....