Opening day for the 2018 season
          is January 27th

We hatch weekly!!!!!

Easter Eggers. (Jan25)
Black Australorp (Jan25)
Buff Orphington (Jan25)
Barred rock (Jan25)
Cuckoo Maran (Feb2)
Cinnamon queen, a red sex link (Feb2). Golden laced
Wyandotte. (Feb2)
Light Brahmas (Jan25)
Silverlace Wyandot's (Jan25)
Rhode Island Red (Jan25)
Blue sex link (Jan25)
Welsummer (Jan25)
Silkies. (Jan25)
New Hampshire (Feb16)
Salmon Faverolls(Feb16)
And assortment of Polish pullets (Feb16)
Speckled Sussex (Feb16)
Tetra brown (Feb16)
White rocks (Feb16)
Bk sex link (1st hatch Feb9)
Sienna Star (Jan25)
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (Feb16) very rare
Lavender Orpington coming soon
Red sex link (1st hatch feb9)
So for this year we will have lots of
different breeds of pullets and then for the none sexed. I will
olive egger ,silkies, lavender Orphington, plus turkeys, some
ducks and Guineas I will keep up with list ever Friday and will
mark quantities if they are getting low. Hope to see everyone
this weekend if you want to come and you want see the goats
make sure you wear shoes that can get muddy. Thanks from
Duda Lang Farms. Phone 314- 488 -3855