on February 26, 2016 we will have:

Here is the list of Breeds available this weekend Rhode Island reds,
barred rocks buff orphingtons, new Hampshires, white rocks,
cinnamon queen, white Astra, Dominiques, red
sexlink,wellsummers,cuckoo maran , bard rock,light brama,
Astralope these are sexed Pullets Should also have about 50 silkies
,few serama, and buff Cochin these are not sexed. We have some
of these 4 weeks old and some 3 weeks plus a lot of just hatch.The
best time to come is weekends call 3146035331 to set up a time

The weekend of March 3rd we will have new babies, rhode island
reds, easter eggers, barred rocks, buff orphingtons, jersey giants,
leghorns, cherry eggers, wellsummers, golden and silver wyandats
all PULLETs (girls) We will also have polish which will be not sexed.

We hatch weekly!!!!!